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Strikeforce Results: Alexis Davis Stops Amanda Nunes In Second To Upset

The second fight of the night at Strikeforce Grand Prix: Barnett vs. Kharitonov is Alexis Davis vs. Amanda Nunes. This is a bantamweight fight, meaning 135 pounds. The referee in charge of the action is Greg Franklin.

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ROUND 1 - Both fighters coming out orthodox, but Nunes comes out firing at a short distance. Davis trying to clinch up and press Nunes into the cage. The fight slows just a touch, although both fighters still clinching at short range. Nunes gets a single leg dump and is on top of Davis against the fence. Davis avoiding damage by trying to secure a deep half, but both fighters stand now. Nice right hand by Davis now.  Nunes barely whiffs on a right of her own. Nunes missing with her head hunting and Davis unable to capitalize effectively. The round finishes with both fighters exchanging small punches in the clinch and a failed takedown attempt from Nunes.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Nunes.

ROUND 2 - After clinching against the fence, Davis tries to jump-take the back of Nunes, but overcommits. Still, Davis is pressing Nunes into the cage, now Nunes reverses. Davis trying to secure a body lock for a takedown, but can't get it. The referee separates them now. Davis eats a punch and delivers one of her own. In the clinch a nice harai goshi from Nunes, but Davis rolls through and lands on top. Davis moves right into mount while Nunes turns her back. The referee stops the fight there.

Strikeforce results: Alexis Davis defeats Amanda Nunes by TKO (referee stoppage) at 4:53 of round 2.