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How To Watch Strikeforce: Barnett Vs. Kharitonov Online, At A Bar Or Anywhere Else

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Want to know how to watch tonight's Strikeforce Grand Prix online, at your local bar, on television or anywhere else? MMA Nation has you covered with a complete breakdown of viewing options for Barnett vs. Kharitonov.

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Beginning at a special time of 10:30 p.m. ET tonight, the fight card for Strikeforce Grand Prix: Barnett vs. Kharitonov kicks off. In the main event, former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett will look to secure his place in the finals of the heavyweight tournament when he takes on Golden Glory striker Sergei Kharitonov. In the co-main event, and also part of the heavyweight tournament, two-time Olympian Daniel Cormier takes on Antonio Silva.

The central question is: how can you watch tonight's event? Luckily, this card has a few options, although none of them are as simple as watching the UFC.

First, you have pay-per-view options. For DirecTV subscribers, you can purchase tonight's show on channel 122 for $34.95. It is not clear which cable providers offer this program in high definition. Call your cable provider for information and options.

Now, let's talk about the television options. As is usually the case, the main card portion of the event airs on Showtime. That will begin as aforementioned at 10:30 p.m. ET, a new start time to Strikeforce broadcasts on Showtime. To figure out how to get Showtime or to order the channel for a special discounted price, go here.

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For our overseas viewers, some cable providers will carry this event. You're in luck if you live in the UK or in various locations across South East Asia. For those in the United Kingdom, Primetime will be carrying the fights live. That's channel 480, according to Primetime itself. In addition, If you live in Southeast Asia, check if your cable provider carries Tiger Gate. You can do that here.

Unlike the previous or most Strikeforce events, the preliminary portion of the card will be televised in its entirety on HDNet. I'm a DirecTV subscriber, so that's channel 306 for me. Be sure to call your cable provider to see if you have or can get HDNet.

What about at a bar with other mixed martial arts or Strikeforce fans?

This is where you have to do some manual labor. I've noticed several bars in town where I live (Washington, DC) that are carrying tonight's fights, but I only discovered that by accident. Unlike the UFC which offers a searchable database ( of bars that carry their events, Strikeforce doesn't have any resource or database of participating bars. I have observed that the bars carrying UFC are generally the same as those advertising they are carrying Strikeforce. Use the UFC bar finder to locate a bar close to you, call the manager and see if they're carrying the event.

This is not a precise or easy method, but it's better than not watching at all and at least you aren't calling places at random. It's far more likely a bar that caters to UFC fans and showcases MMA would be willing to also carry Strikeforce events.

No matter how you watch, be sure to come back to MMA Nation for all of your Strikeforce results and coverage tonight.

Good luck and enjoy the fights.