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UFC's Dominick Cruz Unconcerned With Move From Pay-Per-View Back To Television

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UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz took part today in the UFC on Versus 6 open workouts in Arlington, Virginia to promote his upcoming second title defense against challenger Demetrious Johnson. Cruz shared a number of interesting details. The revelation that his warm-up pre-fight runs an hour and a half is hard to even comprehend if you consider his bouts routinely go 25 minutes. Not only that, he goes 25 minutes without much difficulty. His conditioning is a matter of accomplishment virtually unsurpassed.

I asked him if he believes it's part of his responsibility to market himself to make him more of a promotional force. He seemed to think it was primarily the UFC's job, but that he could contribute some if need be. I think Cruz is confusing making himself visible with making himself marketable, but ultimately he didn't mind the move back to television. Even though the shift signals difficult in making Cruz a sellable commodity, Cruz explained he has faith in making sure the UFC will use its considerable muscle to put him and the bantamweight division in the best possible position.

There's also a good explanation of the difference in footwork between Johnson and previous foe Urijah Faber and a lot of other nerd nuggets on technique.