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VIDEO: Highlights Of Chael Sonnen's UFC 133 Q & A Session

Whether he's channeling Gorgeous George or crusading against Adolf Hitler, Chael Sonnen knows how to put on a show. The brash UFC middleweight took his act to the stage before UFC 133, entertaining mixed martial arts fans with a riveting question and answer session that proceeded the event's weigh-ins.

Accompanied by UFC ringside announcer Mike Goldberg, Sonnen spoke for about an hour, fielding questions on all topics. As always the 34-year-old had much to say about his rival, Anderson Silva, and his training camp, Black House, proudly claiming he would burn them both to the ground.

But despite the little respect he showed the Brazilian, Sonnen showered praise on his upcoming opponent Brian Stann, making it clear that he wrote the former-Marine in for president in 2008, and he plans to do so again in 2012. The two meet in a reported number one contender match at UFC 136 on October 10th.

Below is a compilation of Sonnen's greatest hits during the question and answer session, via MMAFighting. Enjoy.