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UFC 133 Results, Chael Sonnen Talks Brian Stann On The Fight Fix

Host Dustin Green is back from covering UFC 133. He shares with us a recap of the event as well as a preview of a three-part interview series with Chael Sonnen.

ufc 133 the fight fix
ufc 133 the fight fix

Dustin Green, host of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix', is back from covering UFC 133 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from this past weekend. In today's edition of the video series, Green recaps the major results from the event with highlights of Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama as well as Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz. Green also got highlights from the event's post-fight presser where Evans discusses his impending fight with the winner of Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson.

Green also teases what will be a three-part interview series with UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen.

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21 secs: UFC 133 video recap

53 secs, Evans on his performance: "You know I just took with and that's the one thing I wanted to know.  I know I've been out there for a while.  I knew Tito was gonna be kinda trying to get at me kinda early, so I kinda felt his energy and that he was gonna try to come at me fast.  But I wanted to make sure that I didn't rush into anything and I took the time to setup my standup so things went right."

1:11, Tito on his performance: "Taking a fight that close?  I could sit here and go I shouldn't have done it, but I was happy doing it.  Dana asked me if I would step up and I stepped up.  I stepped up for the UFC.  I been here since '97.  I'm still fightin'.  I'm still hungry.  I still wanna fight.  I fought a #1 contender tonight on 2 weeks notice and I fought my a$$ off.  Like I said, Rashad was the better man tonight."

1:51, Evans on Jones' tweet:  "If it's the same old stuff, then that's exactly why he probably didn't wanna fight me the 1st time.  Jon knows what happens when we train.  He knows if I'm focused and I'm strong and I'm healthy, then he knows he has a fight on his hands.  I would love to be the 1st one to beat him, like really beat him.  He's so cocky...he's so cocky.  you think I'm cocky, he's real cocky.  He for real cocky.  Like I'm on camera joking around cocky.  He's like go to sleep praising himself cocky.  That's how cocky he is.  I think Rampage can come and train at my camp for this fight."

2:45, Chael Sonnen on his reaction after finding out he'd be facing Brian Stann: "It was different with Brian.  They drew his name out and I said 'Oh, gosh no!'  I couldn't sleep.  i wen tot Brian Stann.  I've never contacted an opponent.  Nobody contacts an opponent.  That breaks every unwritten rule there is.  I contacted Brian.  I said 'Hey listen, I can't sleep.  I'm so bothered by this news and it caught me out of left field and I don't know what to do here.'  And Brian Stann wrote me back.  And he said 'Chael, yea it did come out of nowhere, but with all the things going on in the world today, us fighting for up to 15 minutes just doesn't matter."