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VIDEO: UFC 133 Rashad Evans Vs. Tito Ortiz Highlights From ESPN

ESPN's highlight video from UFC 133's Rashad Evans vs Tito Ortiz.

Photo by Al Bello, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.
Photo by Al Bello, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.

UFC light heavyweight contender Rashad Evans stopped Tito Ortiz in the second round of their UFC 133 bout. ESPN has the highlights in the video above. Getting this kind of coverage from ESPN has become a standard thing for UFC fans. It's still a treat to old timers like myself. 

Here's our description of the action from last night:

ROUND 1 - Ortiz appears fired up to get started, pacing and bouncing furiously in his corner. The fights starts and Evans saunters out from his corner in a low stance. Ortiz fires a high kick and misses. He throws a left hook that doesn't. Evans managed to also land in the exchange. Ortiz again comes charging forward with a straight right that is blocked. Evans lands a nice right. Ortiz presses the action, backing Evans into a corner. He shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Evans quickly works to get to his feet, while Ortiz tries to improve his position. It's a stalemate, with both men expending a ton of energy. Evans gets back to his feet and Ortiz lets him go. Evans lands a nice combination. More punches from Evans. Ortiz returns fire, but seems hurt. Evans getting the better of the exchange. The action slows and the two clinch. Ortiz delivers two knees to the midsection of Ortiz. Evans with a HUGE slam. He's immediately close to full mount and starts to ground and pound. Ortiz just covering up at this point. He moves to avoid damage. Ten seconds left, with Evans on top of Ortiz still unloading strikes. Big time action.

ROUND 2 - Ortiz looks tired and wounded to start the second, while Evans, despite all that punching, appears to be the fresher fighter. Evans wades in with a left jab. Ortiz responds with two punches that don't connect. Evans lands a one-two that backs up Ortiz, who while falling back, locks in a guillotine choke from his back. It looks promising, Ortiz is squeezing with all his might, but Evans wiggles his throat free. Evans immediately moves to side control and stuffs Ortiz up against the fence. He's delivering big lefts to the bloody head of Ortiz. He's trapped. Ortiz rolls and Evans traps him worse in a crucifix position. He wiggles his arm free, but Evans is still in side control. Ortiz attempts to get out using the fence, but is denied. Evans working his face with lefts. Ortiz rolls and is able to grab an ankle. Evans steps out and jumps back into the guard of Ortiz, who is now on his knees, back against the fence. Evans lands a big knee to the liver of Ortiz, which sends him sideways in agony. Evans follows him to the floor and adds several right hooks to Ortiz, who can not mount any type of defense.