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UFC 133 Results: Rashad Evans Vs. Tito Ortiz Round Two

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ROUND 2 — Ortiz looks tired and wounded to start the second, while Evans, despite all that punching, appears to be the fresher fighter. Evans wades in with a left jab. Ortiz responds with two punches that don’t connect. Evans lands a one-two that backs up Ortiz, who while falling back, locks in a guillotine choke from his back. It looks promising, Ortiz is squeezing with all his might, but Evans wiggles his throat free. Evans immediately moves to side control and stuffs Ortiz up against the fence. He’s delivering big lefts to the bloody head of Ortiz. He’s trapped. Ortiz rolls and Evans traps him worse in a crucifix position. He wiggles his arm free, but Evans is still in side control. Ortiz attempts to get out using the fence, but is denied. Evans working his face with lefts. Ortiz rolls and is able to grab an ankle. Evans steps out and jumps back into the guard of Ortiz, who is now on his knees, back against the fence. Evans lands a big knee to the liver of Ortiz, which sends him sideways in agony. Evans follows him to the floor and adds several right hooks to Ortiz, who can not mount any type of defense.

UFC 133 results: Rashad Evans defeats Tito Ortiz via technical knockout (strikes) in round two (4:48)