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Rashad Evans Knees Tito Ortiz At UFC 133

Rashad Evans risked his title shot but came through to win, finishing Tito Ortiz in the second round at UFC 133

Ortiz put up a tussle in the first round, but Evans poured it on and hurt him up against the cage with about 1:45 left. Ortiz came out and landed early, hurting Evans. Ortiz went for a single leg but couldn't quite get it. Evans broke free and attacked. Rashad slammed Tito with a minute left and spent the final minute pounding on a game and gritty Tito who covered up for dear life. 

UFC 133 results: Rashad Evans defeats Tito Ortiz via technical knockout (strikes) in round one (4:48)

In the second, Tito looked battered coming out, swollen and bloodied. Evans looked fresh. Tito threw an ugly looking leg kick. Evans landed a sharp jab. Ortiz charged forward behind some pushed punches. Evans landed a sharp hook. Evans punched his way in and Ortiz latched on a tight guillotine choke but Evans pulled free. Ortiz ended up in half guard. Evans passed to side control. Evans got into position to whale away at Ortiz' head at about 2:30 left. Tito tried to fight free and got himself in the crucifix mount. Evans fired away with elbows. Ortiz tried to roll out but Evans stayed on top and continued to fire punches. After a scramble, Ortiz tried for a heel hook, but Evans spun free. Ortiz tried to scramble free and caughte huge knee to the body the dropped him. Ref Dan Miragliotta stepped in to stop the fight at 4:28 of the second round.