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Brian Ebersole Blasts Dennis Hallman At UFC 133

Two MMA veterans with about a hundred figths between them came out and put on an ugly show on the UFC 133 pay-per-view card. Dennis Hallman came out in the smallest possible pair of shorts in a blatant act of one-upsmanship to out do Brian Ebersole's "hai-rrow" shaved onto his chest. 

UFC 133 Results: Brian Ebersole defeated Dennis Hallman via TKO at 4:28 of round one. 

Hallman jumped out and jumped on Ebersole. He took his back and attacked for the rear naked choke. He locked on a body triangle but Ebersole rolled into the lock. Ebersole managed to roll Hallman onto his back and fire annoying strikes to the face. That kept Hallman from being able to focus on the submission. Hallman nearly rolled into the mount. Hallman locked on a guillotine but Ebersole slipped away. Fans got to see a lot of Hallman's ass due to the unfortunate shorts. Ebersole got free and landed some shots from the top. Hard elbows to the head.Then another huge one. Hallman was hurt and Ebersole continued the assault. Hallman got full guard but Ebersole continued to bomb away until the referee stepped in.