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UFC 133 Results: Brian Ebersole Battles Back To Finish Dennis Hallman With Bloody Elbows

Streaking welterweights Dennis Hallman and Brian Ebersole will look to keep their respective win streaks alive when their fight is featured on the UFC 133: "Evans vs. Ortiz 2" pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast. Both men bring new meaning to the term MMA veterans, combining for a staggering 127 fights. UFC 133 results: Brian Ebersole defeats Dennis Hallman via technical knockout (strikes) in round one (4:28).

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ROUND 1 - It's unclear what is more bizarre, the arrow shaved into Ebersole's chest hair or Hallmans' skimpy underoos. Odd. When the fight starts, Hallman storms out, gets a takedown and quickly moves to Ebersole's back. Hallman locks in a body triangle and Ebersole starts to roll. Hallman now angling for a rear naked choke -- Ebersole is in trouble early. Hallman gives up on the body triangle and sinks his hooks in. He puches Ebersole's ears to try and get him to move away from protecting his neck. Ebersole so far has done a great job of defending. Hallman tries to sink in the choke and Ebersole turns away, getting out from underneath Hallman, but finds himself in more danger, this time a guillotine choke. Ebersole eventually manages to pop his head out and delivers a big right hand and elbow to the forehead of Hallman. Ouch. Hammer fist. Huge left elbow. Now a right. Hallman is bleeding. Ebersole now just unloading. Halmman is struggling to avoid the punishment.  He no longer can -- Ebersole lands a another huge elbow and Hallman momentarily goes stiff. The referee jumps in to ensure that Hallman isn't put out completely. What a big come from behind victory for Ebersole.

UFC 133 results: Brian Ebersole defeats Dennis Hallman via technical knockout (strikes) in round one (4:28).