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UFC 133 Results: Constantinos Phillippou Earns Close Split Decision Win Over Jorge Rivera

Middleweights Jorge Rivera and Constantinos Phillippou are set to hook 'em up in a 185-pound fight that will be featured on the UFC 133: "Evans vs. Ortiz 2" pay-per-view (PPV) main card. Rivera, who was originally scheduled to slug it out with Alessio Sakara, lost his most recent fight to Michael Bisping. Phillippou, meanwhile is looking for his first win inside the Octagon after dropping his debut to Nick Catone earlier this year. UFC 133 results: Constantinos Phillippou defeats Jorge Rivera via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

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ROUND 1 - Rivera opens up the action with a diving right hand that Phillippou dodges. He throws a few leg kicks, which Phillippou steps around and clinches with Rivera. He now has him up against the cage, which he uses to his advantage to score a takedown. Rivera tries to escape, but Phillippou turns him around and dumps him back into the fence. Phillippou attempts to secure side control and, in doing so, lands several big lefts to Rivera's unprotected face. Rivera stands to avoid the abuse and eventually is able to create distance. Phillippou presses him against the cage, standing, where the action stalls and the referee breaks them up. But they end up right in the same position moments later, but this time Rivera reverses Phillippou and quickly heads back to center cage. Rivera lands a nice left, straight right combination that appears to stagger Phillippou. But Phillippou recovers and lands a very nice right upper cut that snaps back the head of Rivera. Phillippou comes forward just as the round expires.

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Phillippou 

ROUND 2 - Both fighters come out to start the second throwing wild punches. Phillippou lands the best punch of the exchange and Rivera crumbles to the canvas. Phillippou now unloading and Rivera is turtled up. The referee warns Rivera to defend himself and move, otherwise he'll be force to stop the fight. And he does! He reverses Phillippou and starts to deliver payback. Only one minute into round one and both men have thrown a ton of strikes. Phillippou gets to his feet and eventually escape. They soon tangle and end up along the fence again, where Phillippou drops his Matt Serra-inspired foot stomps. The action dies and the referee separates then. They end up hugging instantly, but Rivera goes for a takedown this time. As they fall, Phillippou is able to sink in an omoplata, but is unable to do anything with it. Joe Rogan is beside himself. Both men remain tangled, and while Phillippou angles for an ankle rather than attempt to finish the move, Rivera gets himself out of trouble. Phillippou jumps on top of him, but doesn't do anything else as the round ends. Both men are visibly spent. 

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Phillippou 

ROUND 3 - Phillippou again comes out the aggressor and lands a big punch. Rivera lands a nice knee that appears to hurt Phillippou, and follow it up with a big punch. Phillippou seems fine, diving for a takedown and ending up in Rivera's full guard. Rivera throws up a triangle, but Phillippou is able to get out and toss his legs aside. The submission attempt allows Rivera to get back to his feet and pushes Phillippou up against the fence. Phillippou reverses. Action stalls and again the referee breaks them apart. Phillippou goes for a takedown and can't get it. Rivera attempts a guillotine choke, but Phillippou is not in any serious trouble. Phillippou is on one knee, so Rivera unloads a knee to the body. Now Rivera peppers Phillippou with left hooks. Phillippou finally gets back to his feet and they square up. Rivera lands a nice combination, goes for a trip, but misses it and Phillippou lands on top of him just as the fight ends. 

MMA Nation scores this round 10-9 Rivera

UFC 133 results: Constantinos Phillippou defeats Jorge Rivera via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)