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Rory MacDonald Smears Mike Pyle At UFC 133

Rory MacDonald, a 22 year old MMA prodigy, crushed the veteran gatekeeper Mike Pyle in the first round at UFC 133. Pyle came out to the Rocky theme song to win over the Philly crowd at the Wells Fargo City, but it wasn't enough.

UFC 133 results: Rory MacDonald defeats Mike Pyle via technical knockout (strikes) in round one.

MacDonald caught an early kick and landed a straight right hand that dropped Pyle. Pyle popped back up quickly seemingly unhurt. Pyle shot in and got a take down. MacDonald  worked for a guillotine choke on the way down. MacDonald worked for a butterfly sweep but Pyle stayed on top. MacdDonald got back up later near the cage and hurt Pyle with a series of uppercuts. Seconds later he drove Pyle across the cage and dropped him with more uppercuts. Pyle ate leg kicks from a standing MacDonald while on his back then MacDonald settled into Pyle's guard and hurt Pyle badly. 

MacDonald poured it on and stopped Mike Pyle.