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Alexander Gustafsson Demolishes Matt Hamill At UFC 133

Alexander Gustafsson took a little while to wear Matt Hamill down but he put it to a definitive finish at UFC 133. Philadelphia fans tried to support Hamill to no avail as the lanky Swede hurt Hamill with uppercuts at will. Gustafsson poured it on when it counted and finished Hamill late in the second round. 

Hamill promised to jab Gustafsson and he did early. Unfortunately he ate a couple of uppercuts that stunned him. Hamill continued to control the cage center, but Gustafsson was able to outscore him while circling away. The crowd briefly chanted U-S-A U-S-A to no avail to the deaf Hamill. Hamill looked tired by the end of the first round and began to lunge for desultory take downs. Gustafsson bombed away although he ate a sharp shot (left hook) and got cut over the right eye.

Alexander Gustafsson Wins Via TKO at 3:41 of Round Two.

 Hamill came out and forced a clinch early but Gustafsson landed several shots on the break and made Hamill cover up. Gustafsson worked the uppercut to repeated success. Hamill tried a take down that got no where. Gustafsson bombed away with uppercuts when they closed distance. Gustafsson ate something that broke his nose. Gustafsson hurt him with a little less than a minute left. Gustafsson pounced, dropped him with the follow up shots, followed him down, got mount and finished Hamill.