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UFC 133 Results: Alexander Gustafsson Wrecks Matt Hamill

Alexander Gustafsson, one of the UFC's top light heavyweight prospects, gets a tough test in the experienced Matt Hamill. "The Hammer," a favorite from The Ultimate Fighter is a solid veteran, has been just short of title contention in a 12 fight UFC career. Gustafsson has been working hard on his takedown defense with Phil Davis at Alliance MMA. His coaches are hoping the hard work pays off. If he can't stop Hamill's takedown, it's going to be a long night.

Matt Hamill (10-3, 9-3 UFC) 34 years old | 6'1" | 76" reach
Alexander Gustafsson (11-1, 3-1 UFC) 24 years old | 6'5" | 76.5" reach

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Round One: Hamill tells the audience in a prefight interview he doesn't have a gameplan. That's not usually the best approach to a high level cage fight. At 6'5" Gustafsson is extremely lanky. If he can keep Hamill at a distance, he can use that to his advantage. When they measure reach, they don't take Gustafsson's long legs into account. 

Crowd starts a "USA!" chant. Rogan, rightly, points out that Hamill is deaf and can't hear it. Touche. The whole first round was an extended feeling out process. Hamill seemed content to kickbox with Gustafsson, never really making a concerted effort for the takedown. Gustafsson ends the round bleeding from the eye, but he did the better work.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson.

Round Two: Gustafsson catches Hamill with an uppercut coming in. Hamill is breathing heavy and getting pounded. Seven and a half minutes in and they are still feeling each other out. Out of nowhere, Gustafsson changes all that, catching Hamill with a left hook and a right uppercut. When Hamill drops, Gustafsson is like an animal, leaping on him, ending up in the mount, and eventually ending the fight with ground and pound.

Alexander Gustafsson Wins Via TKO (3:34 of Round Two)