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Ivan Menjivar Gifted With Decision Over Nick Pace At UFC 133

Ivan Menjivar spent the last minute of the fight running from Nick Pace at UFC 133, but the judges liked what they saw and awarded him a unanimous decision. 

Pace stunned Menjivar early in the first and followed up with a take down. He spent most of the round on top of Menjivar. Pace took his back and attacked the throat. At one point he came really close to a rear naked choke but couldn't get his locked arms under the veteran Menjivar's chin. 

UFC 133 results: Menjivar defeats Pace via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

In the second Menjivar battered Pace with a variety of strikes. Pace came back and got a take down late in the round but probably didnt do enough to overcome the three minute beating he took. Menjivar worked the body to good effect. 

Menjivar opened the third with a crescent kick. Pace shot a take down but Menjivar stuffed it and landed a hard right over the top. Pace landed a hard knee to the face of Menjivar that hurt him with a minute left. He poured it on but the veteran Menjivar retreated with his left eye shut and swollen.