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Nam Phan Loses Decision To Mike Brown At UFC 133

Featherweights Nam Phan and Mike Brown brought it at UFC 133 for three long rounds but neither was able to finish. Nam Phan, fresh off getting utterly hosed by the judges in his last fight had to be dreading the decision. Sure enough the judges unanimously went against him.

Brown came out hard in the first round, took Phan down and beat on him for about three minutes. Hard punches then elbows to the head ensued and lasted the rest of the round. In the second and third they traded hard hooks and punches with a sprinkling of take downs. Phan could make a strong case that he won the second and third rounds, but Brown clearly won the fight as nothing Phan did matched the beating Brown gave out in the first round.

UFC 133 results: Mike Brown defeats Nam Phan via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 29-27)

Former WEC featherweight champ Brown came into the fight desperate for a win after beginning his UFC career 0-2. Phan came in following being on the wrong end of one of the worse judge's decision in UFC history against Leonard Garcia

The fight streamed live on UFC's Facebook page.