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Chael Sonnen Makes His UFC 133 Picks

Dustin Green spoke to the UFC's Chael Sonnen and gets his UFC 133 picks. Sonnen picks Tito Ortiz. He calls Vitor Belfort the most talented fighter in the whole middleweight division. Sonnen says Akiyama is too honorable to discuss the reasons he's not been able to train. Sonnen says Yushin Okami has filled him in on the impossible training conditions in Japan where they are using geiger counters to check all the food.

Sonnen will face Brian Stann at UFC 136 in Houston in October, 2011. 

Sonnen last fought for the middleweight title against champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117. He served a year's suspension from the California State Athletic Commission when he failed a post fight drug test. Sonnen claimed his use of testosterone replacement therepy is what caused him to fail the test. 

He also pled guilty to a federal felony money laundering charge that forced him to give up his realtor's license and abandon a campaign for state representative.