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Updates From Chael Sonnen's Pre-UFC 133 Q & A

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The Q & A begins with Mike Goldberg on the mic, introducing the event. Afterwards, a flashy lead-in video brings Chael Sonnen to the stage. Transcribed below are live updates of some of the middleweight contender's best one-liners.

On Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami: "It's a tough sell. We have to convince people that Anderson has a chance."

"Yushin's better than that guy... Anderson cheated during the first fight." 

On Black House: "I'll fight the bowels of society, I'll take on Black House."

"As a personal service, I will personally burn Black House down."

"They only use Portuguese in parts of the world that don't matter."

On his fight with Anderson Silva: "It was the night when I won the middleweight championship."

"Triangle chokes are the refuge of cowards."

"Anderson's ribs have the same problem as his hands and feet: they're attached to a wimp."

Says, 'UFC must be Anderson Silva's dietician. He must have a lycopene deficiency after they fed him so many tomato cans.'

Would he rather fight Yushin or Silva: Says, 'it doesn't matter, I am the UFC champion.'

On Machida: "I was trying get a bunch of attention and get an easy match."

On Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans: "This fight is such a big deal. The most decorated light heavyweight of all-time... is taking on Rashad Evans who has the greatest record in light heavyweight history... Hall-of-famer vs. hall-of-famer

"When Randy Couture retired they should have just done away with the whole light heavyweight weight class."

On Fedor: "How's Fedor? Is he OK? Did anybody wake him up yet."

On steroids: "We should open up an all-steroids league, and let the games begin."

On Brian Stann: "I wrote him in as the president of the united states in 2008."

On Mirco "Cro Cop": "That guy has been dropped more times than the ball in Times Square."

On Quinton "Rampage" Jackson trash-talking him: "I speak three languages and still couldn't understand what he said."

"If he wants to walk his ass to the Octagon, I'll happily kick it for him."

On Brock Lesnar: "We should all be thankful for Brock. Keep him in your thoughts. He has some real battles."

On himself: "I would give Hitler an ass-whopping. I would love to go a couple rounds with Osama bin Laden, and the guy that cut me off in traffic and woke up my dog Mr. Waffles."

"I am 217 pounds of muscle, steel and sex appeal, ladies and gentleman."

"I am a brilliant man. It is something that has plagued me for my entire life."

"I'm not in the business of selling a fight."

Says, 'I emulate Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, and Matt Lindland.'

Political aspirations: Says, 'I got in hot water, so I will have to run for a senate seat instead of a house seat.'

Miscellaneous: "Fighters have terrible taste in women, but Carwin married way out of his league."

"If you want to get cut from UFC, be rude to a fan in front of Dana White and Joe Silva."

"Georges St. Pierre's stock rose greatly after fighting James Shields."