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UFC 133 Predictions With Comedian Jamie Kilstein

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Jamie Kilstein isn't just a comedian, vegan or the host of Citizen Radio. He also watches a lot of fights. The rising comedy star takes a moment to share his UFC 133 predictions with MMA Nation.

jamie kilstein
jamie kilstein

Tomorrow at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans battle in the main event of UFC 133. To help us with predictions for not only that fight, but the entire main card is comedian and activist Jamie Kilstein. Jamie isn't just a hilarious and bright talent, he's also a hardcore mixed martial arts fan. Jamie trains jiu-jitsu and kickboxing in New York City. He recently got a concussion, but he's a tough bastard and here to offer salient insight. - Luke Thomas

Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz

The MMA Gods (Dana) have not been kind to Rashad this year. With the way his luck is going, there is a big part of me that wants to say Tito will win by first round hilarity. Defying the odds yet again, forcing all of us to look back at Rashads year and think "yeah that's about right." With that said, while Tito, sans his last fight, has declined since their last encounter, Rashad has improved. Besides the clinch, I would say Evans has all the advantages. He is a more dynamic wrestler then Ortiz and a much more skilled striker than he was the last time these two met. Plus, he is really, really, pissed off. Rashad by second-round pent-up rage knockout.

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

We all want to see the Vitor Belfort of old. Like, the very very old. But after watching that Anderson Silva kick on replay (yes, I said Anderson's kick. Sorry Steven.) over and over again, it's hard to remember that Belfort. He does, however, look great and is training with a fantastic team. And I always forget he is a solid BJJ blackbelt, which may nullify Akiyama's greatest strength: his clinch, throws, and takedowns. What does Yoshihiro have going for him? Motherf***er can take a punch! I have become a massive fan of his since his insaneo fight with Leben and I think he can out last Belfort. Or he could always yell out "LOOK INTERNET PORN" and sucker punch him. He may take a beating, but I think he will pull it out. Akiyama by Homer Simpson-style decision.

Jorge Rivera vs. Constantinos Phillppou

Jorge's last fight was a rough one, but I think that may work to his advantage. We have seen his best work after facing adversity. After many sleepless nights seeing Michael Bisping's (illegal) knee and hearing his stupid voice in his head, Jorge is looking to come back strong. No strange dance videos, just training. Jorge by first round TKO.

Mike Pyle vs. Rory MacDonald

This should be fight of the night. Rory MacDonald is great. Rory MacDonald will stay great. But there was something really cool about seeing Mike Pyle dethrone the UKs version of Rory MacDonald, John Hathaway. Pyle looks like when he is not training he is getting into bar fights. I just love watching a grizzled older fighter, who has been in the game for a while, kick the crap, and hope, out of a young-in. Maybe it's my inner grandpa, but it's great. And in theory it should make the young fighter come back better and smarter than he was. Rory's wrestling is top notch, but I think Pyle's game plans and BJJ may be better. Pyle by third round submission.

Brian Ebersole vs. Dennis Hallman

Brian Ebersol by something weird, or Decision.

Jamie Kilstein is the host of Citizen Radio ( He can be followed onTwitter: @JamieKilsten.