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Golden Glory Sergei Kharitonov May Be Cut After Stikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, Win Or Lose

It's emerging that the UFC/Strikeforce position on cutting all the Golden Glory fighters has to do with their policy as a management company of being paid and paying the fighters as sub-contractors. That worked fine for the old Strikeforce, but Zuffa/Forza asked that that be changed per Steve Cofield at Yahoo.

The only Golden Glory fighter not yet cut by the promotion is heavyweight tournament semi-finalist Sergei Kharitonov. It is expected he will be cut at the end of the tournament, win or lose if Golden Glory does not change its policy. Kharitonov's fellow semi-finalist Alistair Overeem was cut after requesting a fight in October rather than September due to a series of nagging injuries.

Light heavyweight and former Strikeforce champion Gegard Mousasi is NOT with Golden Glory so he shouldn't be affected by any of the drama swirling around the Dutch gym. He was formerly associated with M-1 Global but parted ways with them.