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Fedor Emelianenko, M-1 Global Still Have Deal With Showtime

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After UFC CEO Dana White announced that Strikeforce had cut Fedor Emelianenko following his three fight losing streak, Fedor's management responded with, Fedor doesn't have a contract with him.

"Fedor's contract it with Showtime," M-1 Global representative Evgeni Kogan told MMA Nation's Jonathan Snowden. "He remains a Showtime fighter, on a network which has been amazing to Fedor and the team."

"Strikeforce is not the only MMA promotion on Showtime," Kogan said. "So there are a number of options for Fedor which will be looked at. And one of those is to work with the other MMA promotion currently on Showtime."

They have already aired two M-1 Global event to weak ratings and little attention, but now they will have an attention grabbing headliner with Fedor available to headline for his own promotional company. It is unknown at this time if M-1 Global will be able to, or interested in working with United Glory to set up a Fedor vs Alistair Overeem bout.