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Updates From UFC 133 Pre-Fight Press Conference

Dana White introduces the fighters. 

Rashad Evans sums things up by saying "I don't want to lose to him. He don't want to lose to me."

Yoshihiro Akiyama (translated from the Japanese): "(Belfort) is a strong striker, but I'll fight back."

Rory MacDonald: "I was very athletic kid growing up. I always had an interest in UFC. I found a gym at age 14, fell in love with it. And put everything else aside -- hockey, soccer, baseball, track & field. I was a very hyper-active kid. I grew up near a lake and was just doing everything. Running in the forest. 

MacDonald: "I look like a kid but when I'm in the cage, I fight like a man."

Mike Pyle: "The odds mean nothing to me. Whoever is making those odds, doesn't effect me at all. The UFC has brought out the best in me. My loss to Ellenberger really woke me up." 

Dana White: "Putting it together wasn't that tough. Keeping it together was the hard part. I've said it before, Joe Silva's the best match-maker in combat sports and when it fell apart, he put it back together. Tito told me, 'This is my time'. Akiyama lost some fights in the UFC but he brings it and I think his style matches up great with Vitor Belfort. Vitor has great hands and Akiyama will make him use them. Rashad's been sitting out for a year and a half now. His luck has been worse than mine. He's ready to fight.

"Tito is more popular than he's been since 2003. He catapulted back into the top 10 and took this fight on short notice. I'm proud to be the guy that's bringing great fights back to Philly."

Mike Pyle: "I'm a late bloomer. I'm healthier than I ever have been. Due to my fighting style I don't get into a lot of rock 'em sock 'em robot type fights so in terms of cage years I'm not that old. I'm going to be hell to deal with at age 35. What (MacDonald) thinks doesn't matter to me. When we get in there he'll find he won't be able to hang with my rhythm. He's an impressive fighter. We're in the UFC. You're always going to be tested in the UFC"

Dana White: "The old school guys are still around so the new guys gotta beat him. The only old guard guys that are still around are Tito and Matt Hughes. (Tito points out Vitor Belfort) Sorry Vitor I don't think of you as being as old as Tito."

Tito Ortiz on Chad Ochocinco: "I'd love to see him in my gym or in the cage and see how big his mouth is now."

Vitor Belfort: "Toe hold (is my favorite submission). I dunno, I just take whatever's in front of me."

Tito: "You kinda gotta see me before the fight. I had a great camp for Bader. I haven't been pressed for six five minute round because I was afraid I'd re-injure myself. Now that I don't have the injuries I can train again."

Rashad: "I've really been happy with my training and the amount of mass and muscle I've been able to put on. I've been training and going to the beach. I think the salt water is doing me good too. Mike Van Arsdale is very similar to Greg Jackson as a coach. He's always been one of my personal coaches. We started as teammates and we had a bond, a personal connection. He knows how to motivate me."

Dana White: "I didn't think Tito would take the fight, but why not call. Tito jumping in on short notice and taking this fight gained him a lot of fans."

Dana White: "Both  the Spike prelims are very good. Both are great fights. There's a lot of great fights on the card. One of the things we've tried to do for the fans with the Facebook and the Spike fights is let people see the great fights on the undercard."

Dana White: "Rashad Evans is the #1 ranked light heavyweight in the world. If he wins he absolutely gets a shot at the title. Realistically where does Tito's win over the #7 guy (Ryan Bader) place him? If Tito goes in and beats Rashad Evans like he did Ryan Bader it'll be pretty hard to deny that Tito's one of the top light heavyweights in the world."