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UFC 133: Tito Ortiz Contends He's 'Reinvented'

Dustin Green caught up with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz at yesterday's UFC 133 open workouts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Whether or not he's prepared properly for the fight, Ortiz seems excited, upbeat and verbally swears to having advantages over foe Rashad Evans. Most notably, Ortiz says he wants to focus less on taunting or insulting opposition and more on the success and growth he's having at this late stage in his career. Ortiz contends his physical conditioning is better than it's been since he's been champion (we shall see) and more interestingly, his previous injuries prevented him from being able to properly execute submissions.

Ortiz also assesses Evans' strengths, noting his speed and respectable hand work. However, Ortiz believes Evans' stand-up is somewhat overrated and that he ultimately expects Evans to shoot on him after being tagged early in the fight.

Bold prediction to put it mildly.

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