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UFC Champ Jon Jones Responds To Spying Accusations

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Just so you know, I'm not a person who looks for shortcuts in life. Unlike you, MMA is not something I do because of money. It's a way of life for me and I would never disrespect the integrity of that. I have way more faith in myself, as well as, respect for the art of fighting to ever stoop that low, thats just bad karma. Believe me or not, I've said my part.. hoping you have a safe and healthy finish to your camp.. #Respect

Earlier in the week, Jones was accused of having a mole in opponent Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's camp.The former champion told Yahoo's Kevin Iole that Jones's manager Malki Kawa told friends that he knew everything that went on in Jackson's camp. Jackson put the claim to the test, concocting a fake hand injury, which Kawa indeed reported almost immediately to UFC VP Joe Silva.

"He said he had spies in our camp and he knew everything that was going on. That got me thinking," Jackson said. "How did he know about my hand injury that fast? It wasn’t on the Internet, and yet he knew about my hand injury right away."

Jackson and Jones will get to settle their differences head to head at UFC 135 in September.