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Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals Conference Call Notes

Today Strikeforce President Scott Coker as well as Strikeforce heavyweights Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett all participated in the conference call promoting their upcoming fights. Sergei Kharitonov came on late and had a mostly worthless translator. Antonio Silva was nowhere to be found. For what it's worth, Cormier received the lion share of attention on today's call. Scott Coker had no numbers on ticket sales. Below is a partial transcript of today's statements. Expect audio soon in an update to this StoryStream.

Josh Barnett:

- "He also showed himself to be a really tough individual...he pulled the wool over everyone's eyes pretending he didn't have stand up until he fought Ninja Rua...he looks to have shown up at least for his last fight...he looked dominant against Arlovski, but then again, I'm not Arlovski"

- "I'm the guy that's willing and able to take opportunities...I'm not going in here with any weakness...I'm going in with every skill necessary"

- "He's a brusier...he likes to come in, work the body and eventually go up top..."

- "It's not so much about wrestling as it is developing an all-around learn to finish takes more comes down to finishing...some guys are really strong in certain areas, but get by on athleticism"

- "titles are spoils of have to win battles before you can rape the dead of all their belongings"

Daniel Cormier:

- "It's a great time for me to enter the tournament because I just had the biggest win of my career...did it without having to use my biggest skill set, that being wrestling and top control...this is a chance for me to do something special...I think my skills and my team and everybody around me gives me a chance to win..."

- "There's been ups and downs. Cain Velasquez coming back has been great...I've been able to spar with him three times a week...I work with the best heavyweight in the world...all my questions are answered..opportunity for me to take high profile fight and springboard himself off of his success"

- "Beating Jeff Monson was very important for me...nothing has ever been given to me...beating Jeff was huge for me...this is a guy I watched when I was wrestling in college..."

- "I'm going to be quicker than he is, more athletic, more agile...he's got the stand up advantage, and the jiu-jitsu...there is no bigger gap in skill set than there is between his wrestling and mine...I've got to make him uncomfortable...he does a great job fighting where he's comfortable at..."

- "The transitions been great...I train with the number one heavyweight in the world, so I get hit a lot...I've got two great striking coaches...I love kickboxing, boxing and striking, and because of that it's allowed me to needs to get better"

- "I think it's always good to put on exciting fights...what if I can't take him down? at the end of the day it's about winning...if they can't stop the takedown it's their job to lay on their back for 15 minutes..."

- "Mike Kyle and I are totally different fighters..I didn't take much from his fight with Bigfoot...says he's got fast, quick strong hands"

- "Don't go backwards...don't get stuck with your back against the cage...just be willing to get into a fight with him..."

Scott Coker:

- Chris Mysiack vs Dominick Steel, two local guys, will participate on the under card

- Dan Henderson went to Columbus with the Arnold Classic in March, so Strikeforce has had a presence.

- "Let's see who wins and how they win" before talking title shots, re: Gracie vs. Lawal.

- Cris Cyborg could fight before the end of the year, although an opponent has not been determined yet

- Cormier first person under consideration after Alistair Overeem removed from tourney; he was also considered as a top alternate

- The tourney winner will not win the heavyweight title; no date and location yet for finals, but it will be first quarter of 2011

- Looking for ticket sales in the 7,000 to 9,000 range.