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Anderson Silva's Future: Georges St. Pierre Or Light Heavyweight Division?

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Anderson Silva facing Georges St. Pierre makes sense, but so does the notion of him fighting Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson, Jon Jones and others in the incredibly-stacked light heavyweight division.

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In the video below, I try to lay out the various matchmaking and career scenarios for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. As I view it, aside from a rematch with Chael Sonnen, staying at middleweight makes very little sense either as a title holder or as a promotionally strong idea. The two most realistic options are either a move to light heavyweight to face top fighters there like Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson or Jon Jones. The other potential option, one that has gained steam since UFC 134 but appeared dead after UFC 129, is an eventual superfight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

Either option carries opportunity cost, though speaking personally I view the move to fight St. Pierre filled with far more than one to light heavyweight. A fight against GSP certainly carries far more fan interest and promotional heft, but is potentially dubious in meaning.

Below the video is a poll asking which path Silva should take. In addition to watching the video, I ask you to submit your vote on which direction you'd like to see Silva take.