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Dana White Video Blog For UFC 133 (Day Two)

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UFC President Dana White continued his pre-event tradition Wednesday morning, releasing the second installment of UFC 133's video blog series.

Unlike part one -- which primarily featured White's vacation and a Rage Against the Machine concert -- this version is overflowing with behind-the-scenes UFC action.

The video blog focuses solely on UFC 132, starting off with some classic Las Vegas casino hopping. The UFC boss makes his rounds the day before the event, eventually running into MMA legends Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes, among others.

As fight day rolls around, the focal point of the video quickly shifts gears. Little by little the cageside action is shown -- including Carlos Condit's brutal flying knee to Dong Hyun Kim -- while various celebrities roam to and from White's table. Even Justin Beiber and Lil' Jon make an appearance.

But the biggest takeaway of the video comes during Tito Ortiz's astonishing upset of Ryan Bader.

The clip is incredible for three reasons. First, the trademark spasmodic trance Chuck Liddell slips into whenever he watches a fight. For some reason it's fascinating to see every single time.

Second, Jay Glazer's slowly developing rage reminiscent of a person watching a rather large, foolproof bet slip right through their fingers. Comedic gold.

Last, and most striking, is the wry smile that gradually develops on White's face as he sees his longtime friend/adversary reestablish a career long thought to be over. That stark image paints a broader picture than words ever could.