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UFC 134 Results, Chael Sonnen Talks Being 'In The Business Of The Fan Experience' On The Fight Fix

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Dustin Green gives us part three of his interview series with UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen. The fighter talks doing media, what the fans mean to the sport and why the UFC is so good at reaching out to them.

Dustin Green talks to Chael Sonnen
Dustin Green talks to Chael Sonnen

Host Dustin Green of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix' this week briefly recaps UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva's huge win over Yushin Okami before setting up part three of his interview series with UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen.

In this installment, Sonnen opens up about doing media, being in the business of 'the fan experience' and why the Ultimate Fighting Championship excels at that end of the business.

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50 secs, on doing media work more regularly in the future: "You know Dana White said it best.  He said 'Everybody wants to do media opportunities.  Everybody wants to do photo shoots, until you actually have to go do 'em.'  It's a lot of hurry up and wait.  It's a lot of drag.  Somebody might see something and think 'Oh wow what a neat opportunity.'  What they don't realize is that you and I are shoved in the back of an arena in a lockerrooom that smells.  We're back here in the cold.  They think it's glamorous because - I dunno this will be on TV or on the internet.  They don't understand what we're going through!  We got a couple of friends.  They set up some nice expensive camera, and here we are with the microphones.  I don't mind doing that.  I like talking with the people.  That's one thing that's very unique to the UFC.  We go right to the fans.  A lot of people fail in this industry.  You see fight promotion after fight promotion, but they don't understand what we're doing.  They think we're putting together fights that people wanna see.  They don'[t understand what we're really in the business of is the fan experience.  We're in the business of meeting fans, touching people.  We take ques like anyone else that's watching this - you take ques from your boss.  Dana White will not leave a room until every single hand is shook, until every autograph is signed, until every flash is flashed.  If somebody takes time to come out and see him.  It's the same thing.  Here you and I are shoved in the back, but at the end of the day we're trying to talk to the fans.  We're trying to let 'em know 'Hey, thanks for having an interest.  If you took the time to sit down and watch, you and I will figure out how to get the message to 'em.'"