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VIDEO UFC 134 Highlights: Anderson Silva Vs. Yushin Okami

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The fine folks at ESPN have compiled a tasty little highlight reel from last night's legend securing performance by UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva who, frankly, made Yushin Okami look like an amateur last night in Rio de Janeiro. 

According to CompuStrike, Silva poured it on and achieved a 29-3 "power strike" advantage, with a 7-0 advantage in "power strikes" landed via kick. Silva also landed strikes at a 75% accuracy rate, compared to a 36% landing rate for the challenger. 

By the end of the second round, Silva had begun to openly taunt Okami, holding his hands low at his waist and firing with laser-guided jabs and straight lefts, 2 of which dropped Okami in short succession. In the end it was the 16 for 16 in ground strikes that was the most telling statistic as Silva teed off on a supine Okami and didn't stop until referee Herb Dean waved off the action.