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UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Erases Any Doubts About His All-Time Status

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Some wondered before UFC 134 who the best fighter of all time was. Wonder no more - Anderson Silva made his case for all time honors with a dominating win over Yushin Okami.

Photo by Al Bello, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.
Photo by Al Bello, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.

If there was still a doubt in your mind, surely now you're convinced. Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. The numbers speak for themselves - 14 consecutive wins in the UFC Octagon, nine straight title defenses, and 12 of his 14 UFC wins coming by way of knockout or submission.

But Anderson Silva isn't a fighter to judge by numbers. His is a legacy built on style and daring, the amazing and the sublime. Even when Silva has an off night, like he did in 2010 against Demian Maia, he does it in such epic fashion that you can never forget it, dancing around the cage and taunting Maia mercilessly. Anderson Silva isn't even boring when he's being boring.

Tonight he toyed with Yushin Okami like he's toyed with so many other great fighters in his 14 year career. Opening in an orthodox stance, he threw Okami off his game. When the Japanese star did manage to crowd Silva against the cage, the UFC middleweight champion never looked nervous. He looked for a time like he might be napping.

There was no question as the bell sounded for the second round that the lion had awakened. Silva sprung forward, gyrating wildly, daring Okami to throw a punch and then knocking him flat with a jab when he had the temerity to actually do it.

The great champion allowed his challenger to his feet - that time. When he dropped him again with a short right hook, Silva sensed something was different. He attacked relentlessly with diverse ground and pound, landing not just punches to the head, but a knee and elbow to the body to boot. 

At 36, Silva has defied the odds. He still looks fast; one high kick that rocked Okami in the first round looked positively supersonic. In the clinch he shrugged the Japanese off of him with ease, despite repeated assurances from the UFC that Okami was the strongest man in the division.

Silva has faced every test put before him and passed with flying colors. But a sliver of doubt remains. No one who watched their fight could ever forget the five round drubbing Chael Sonnen gave him at UFC 117. If Sonnen beats Brian Stann in Houston at UFC 136, that's the last remaining money fight for Silva. The UFC brass better get busy manufacturing some contenders. After tonight, it's going to be harder than ever to convince fans that anyone stands a chance.