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Anderson Silva Lasers Yushin Okami At UFC 134

Anderson Silva took his time finding his range and timing against Yushin Okami, letting Okami survive the first round. But he poured it on in the second with two laser-quick straight right hands that dropped Okami flat on his ass. Silva dropped his hands to his waist and taunted Okami in the second. Okami tried to answer with jabs of his own but Silva beat him to the punch by a terrifyingly wide margin. 

Anderson Silva defeats Yushin Okami via knockout at 2:04 of Round 2.

Silva landed a crushing high kick to the back of the head that staggared Okami at the end of the first round. Otherwise Okami acquitted himself well in the first round. It was a different story in the second round. Silva came out visibly hyper-active and showed a dramatic increase in his rate of movement. From there it didn't take long for Silva to finish Okami although the Japanese wrestler survived one blast jab that dropped him flat on his butt.