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UFC 134 Results: Shogun Rua Returns With Crushing Knockout Of Forrest Griffin

The co-headlining bout of UFC 134 is a light heavyweight rematch between former champions, Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio Rua. The two men first met to great fanfare at UFC 76, where Griffin shocked the world by submitting "Shogun" with fifteen seconds remaining in the third round of his UFC debut. Referee Marc Goddard oversees the action.

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ROUND 1 - The crowd is raucous as the opening bell rings. Rua misses wildly with a right hand. Griffin launches a front kick to the body that grazes an incoming Rua. Shogun lands a big uppercut but Griffin pushes forward. Rua swings wildly and connects flush with a looping combination. Griffin crumbles to the mat and Shogun swarms with a flurry of hammerfists. Griffin is out and Goddard rushes in to stop the fight.

UFC 134 results: Mauricio Rua defeats Forrest Griffin via knockout at 1:53 of Round 1.