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UFC 134 Results: Stanislav Nedkov Crumbles Luiz Cane In UFC Debut

The first fight of the UFC 134 pay-per-view is a light heavyweight bout, Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov. The clear hometown favorite, Cane looks to win his second straight fight, squaring off against the undefeated UFC newcomer, Nedkov. The referee is charge of the action is Mario Yamasaki.

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ROUND 1 - Both men judging the distance to start the bout. Nedkov misses wildly with an overhead right. Cane lands a short right hand and pushes forward. Cane hits with an inside leg kick and the crowd is chanting "Ole! Ole!" Cane pushing forward as Nedkov misses with another wild right. Nedkov throws another looping hook but it lands square this time. Nedkov lands another that puts Cane on the floor, though it looks like he slipped. Nedkov tries the punch again but Cane anticipates it and counters. Cane lands a hard right uppercut, and another. Nedkov lands an overhead right and follows with a wild combination that hits flush. Cane is in trouble. Nedkov swarms and connects with looping shot after shot. Cane drops and Yamasaki rushes in to stop the fight.

UFC 134 results: Stanislav Nedkov defeats Luiz Cane via knockout at 4:13 of Round 1.