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UFC 134 Results: Thiago Tavares Finishes Spencer Fisher In Second Round

The second and final fight of UFC 134's Spike televised prelims special is a lightweight bout, Thiago Tavares vs. Spencer Fisher. A longtime UFC veteran, Fisher has hit a rough patch of late, dropping three of his last four bouts. Likewise, Tavares enters the bout fresh from a knockout loss to Shane Roller in March. The referee is charge of the action is Marc Goddard.

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ROUND 1 - The two touch gloves to open the match. Tavares slips to the mat after missing a head kick, but quickly stands up. Tavares drops levels and takes Fisher down against the fence. Tavares works his way to half-guard while trying to soften Fisher up with punches. Fisher tries to stand up but Tavares secures his legs and keeps the fight on the floor. Tavares looking for hip control but Fisher fighting it off. Goddard stands the fight back up. Tavares rushes into the clinch with Fisher, pressing the action against the fence. Fisher tries to reverse the position but gets swept to the mat. Tavares lands on top and starts to work the ground and pound. Tavares takes Fisher's back but "The King" slowly stands up as the round comes to a close.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Tavares.

ROUND 2 - Tavares opens with a pair of head kicks that graze Fisher, before rushing into the pocket and pressing the action against the fence. Tavares sweeps Fisher to the ground, landing in top position. Tavares lands short elbows from the top as Fisher edges farther up the cage. Tavares pulls Fisher away from the cage and transitions to his back. Fisher flattens out and Tavares begins to rain blows down, teeing off on "The King" from the top. More shots from the top and Goddard rushes in to stop the fight.

UFC 134 results: Thiago Tavares defeats Spencer Fisher via TKO at 2:51 of Round 2.