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UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Vs. Yushin Okami Round One

The headlining bout of UFC 134 is a highly-anticipated rematch for the UFC middleweight championship -- Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami. Silva looks to defend his title for a UFC record ninth straight time, as he squares off against the only man to defeat him in the last seven years. Referee Herb Dean is in charge of the action.

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ROUND 1 - Neither fighter touches gloves to start the bout. The Brazilian crowd is the loudest they've been all night as they voice their support for Silva. "The Spider" circles the cage as Okami comes out stalking the champion. Silva tossing his jab out to gather his distance. Silva feigns a leg kick and circles away. Okami throws the first shot, missing with a right cross. Silva paws with his jab again before missing a big right hand. Okami closes the distance and presses Silva against the fence. Silva grabs for the Thai clinch but Okami stays close. The crowd is growing restless as the action slows. Okami lands a knee to the body from inside the clinch. Okami drops down to grab a single but quickly changes his mind. Silva pushes away and the two circle the center of the cage. Silva dodges two shots and misses with a wild right hand. Okami pushes forward, landing a stiff jab. Silva connects with a crushing head kick as the round comes to a close.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Silva.

Read the rest: Anderson Silva defeats Yushin Okami via knockout at 2:04 of Round 2.