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UFC 134 Video: Luke Thomas Predicts Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov

Luke Thomas makes his predictions for Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov at UFC 134. (Video).

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As part of the man card for tonight's UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami fight card, light heavyweights Luiz Cane and Stanislav Nedkov will face off. SB Nation Senior Editor ( Luke Thomas breaks down how the fight should play out.

Look for Cane to implement a dangerous stand-up Muay Thai game from the southpaw position while the grappling oriented Stanislav Nedkov looks to take the fight to the ground. Cane is a veteran with a somewhat checkered UFC career. 

Nedkov is a UFC newcomer with a history of landing low blows in Japan. Cane has been DQ'd in the UFC for landing knees to the face of a grounded opponent (James Irvin). Cane also discovered to his misfortune that strong left-handed strikers cause him a great deal of trouble. Antonio Rogerio Noguera and Cyrille Diabate both TKO'd Cane with relative ease. 

Luke Thomas breaks down the fight before Hurricane Irene descends on the Eastern seaboard.