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UFC 134 Fight Card Breakdown: Luiz Cane Vs. Stanislav Nedkov

Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov is the first fight on the UFC 134 pay-per-view. Cane is fairly well known to UFC fans, having compiled a 4-3 record since his December 2007 debut with the promotion. One of those losses was a DQ in a fight he was dominating against James Irvin. 

It really wasn't until Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Cyrille Diabate violently demonstrated the extent of Cane's vulnerability to the punches of a fellow southpaw that any cracks appeared in Cane's armor. 

Nedkov is a UFC n00b who brings a background as a Bulgarian wrestling champion and a BJJ blackbelt to the Octagon. So far he's perfect 11-0 in his MMA career with three fights on the Japanese circuit in addition to his Eastern European reign of terror.

Look for Nedkov to try to force this fight to the ground and avoid Cane's dangerous striking game. If Nedkov can take Cane down and keep him down he might have a very promising UFC career but that's a very big if. Look for Cane to keep the fight standing and punish Nedkov everytime he tries and fails to keep the fight on the ground.

Aspect Cane Points Nedkov Advantage
Range Fighting

Boxing Dangerous Southpaw Raw Power Cane
Kickboxing Lethal Improving Cane
Wrestling Ok 1 Strong Nedkov
Clinch Fighting        
Dirty Boxing Brutal 1 Dangerous Tie
Thai Clinch Murderous 1 ??? Cane
Throws/Trips Not So Much 1 Very Good Nedkov
Ground Fighting

Positional Control Good Not Great 1 Excellent Nedkov
Scrambling Slick 1 Quick, Fast Nahurry Nedkov
Escapes Slippery 1 Elusive Tie
Submissions Good 1 Very Good Nedkov
Intangibles Hometown Crowd 1 Octagon Jitters? Cane
Overall Comeback Trail 6/5 Unknown Cane