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UFC 134 Press Conference Video Highlights

I don't know what sort of stateside numbers UFC 134 will garner, but it's clear this is a moment of historical significance for the UFC, it's fighters (particularly those of Brazilian descent or nationality) and the entire nation of Brazil. There wasn't a whole lot revelatory from today's presser, although we are still awaiting the results of the typical media scrum that follows each of these pressers.

UFC 134 Press Conference | What's At Stake: Forrest Vs. Shogun, Okami Vs. Silva

The only consistent seems to be the Brazilian fighters relishing the opportunity to compete in front of loved ones and countrymen. The foreign fighters, by contrast, understand what they're up against and prepared for the blowback.

Based on what I can glean from afar, the media response to the UFC's return appears to be overwhelming. When UFC President Dana White laments the company's return could've been at a larger venue, the evidence of swift ticket sales movement and gobs of press falling over themselves to cover this weekend's fights lends credence to his theory.