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Potential Move To Fox Is News To Chael Sonnen

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The voluble Chael Sonnen is rarely at a loss for words. But when I asked him if he thought he might be moving to the inaugural UFC broadcast on Fox, he was momentarily at a loss for words.

"Wow. I'd be surprised. Tickets went on sale (last week for his UFC 136 fight with Brian Stann). I don't think they would - I'd be surprised. But, of course, I'd go along with it."

The rumor mill is churning at a record pace and the UFC brass is being very closed lipped about who will main event the promotion's first shot at network television. Early tonight the Brazilian website Tatame hinted it might be Anderson Silva in a return match with Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson. If Henderson didn't want to return to middleweight, Tatame suggested that Sonnen would be pulled from his fight with Brian Stann to take on Silva.

The speculation is all moot, of course, if Yushin Okami upsets Silva this weekend in Brazil. Anything you hear until after this Saturday is groundless - but UFC sources tell me Silva is being considered for the spot assuming he gets past Okami.