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Pat Curran Stops Marlon Sandro At Bellator 48

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Round 1 
Sandro pushing forward. Landing a thigh kick. Teep kick from Curran. Curran tries the flying knee, Sandro answers with an overhand right. Sharp exchange. Sandro landing hooks and uppercuts. Leg kick from Sandro. Body kick from Curran. Spinning back kick from Sandro. Another flying knee attempt from Curran. Body kicks from Curran. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Sandro. 

Round 2 
Sandro pushing forward behind a flurry. Sharp exchange of hooks. Sandro with more hooks. Sandro coming forward, getting wild. Curran is cut. They lock up, Curran forces Sandro up against the cage. Sandro escapes. Sandro lunging forward behind looping punches. Curran catches Sandro with a right high kick. Drops him out cold!

Pat Curran defeats Marlon Sandro with a right high kick KO at 4:00 of the second round. 

Pat Curran wins the Bellator summer series featherweight tournament. 

Curran can expect to face champion Joe Warren or last season's tournament winner Patricio Freire.