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Cole Konrad Decisions Paul Buentello At Bellator 48

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Round 1
Konrad takes center cage, firing a left jab. Konrad fires leg kicks. Buentello not pulling the trigger. Buentello trying to counter. Buentello lands a jab. Konrad is complaining taht Buentello isn't coming in to trade. Really bad round. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Cole Konrad

Buentello comes out swinging. Not landing. Konrad landing a leg kick. Konrad tries to clinch, can't get underhooks. Buentello coming in, looking, not swinging. They trade against the fence. Konrad pressing the action, Buentello possibly more accurate. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 Buentello. Ugly round. 

Round 3
Buentello takes center cage. Konrad with some leg kicks. Konrad throws Buentello down as Buentello charged in behind some punches. Konrad threatening a rear naked choke. Landing some punches from the top. Konrad on top in Buentello's half guard. Konrad stands up. Fight ends on the feet. 

Really not a fun fight to watch. Kole Conrad didn't exactly impress in this heavyweight showcase. 

Konrad takes a unanimous decision.