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Seth Petruzelli Knocks Out Ricco Rodriguez

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Seth Petruzelli, best known for stopping Kimbo Slice in 2008, 

Former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez looked to get back on top in his highest profile fight in years. Ricco brought a 12 fight win streak into the bout. 

The bout was contested at a catch weight of 230lbs. 

Round 1
Ricco comes out firing a left high kick and trying to charge in and close distance. Petruzelli lands a spinning back kick to the nuts of Rodriguez. Rodriguez pulls guard after they resume action. Rodriguez with double underhooks but Petruzelli stands up. Petruzelli with a head kick. Side kick to the body of Rodriguez. Petruzelli with three right hands. Ricco grabs the Thai plum and fires some knees. Leg kick from Petruzelli. Rodriguez pushes Petruzelli into the fence. Petruzelli lands a pair of spinning back kicks then catches Ricco Rodriguez charging in with a straight right hand for the TKO at 4:21 of round 1.

Seth Petruzelli defeats Ricco Rodriguez by TKO at 4:21 of round 1.

Petruzelli got the career defining win over the former UFC champ he was looking for.