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UFC 133 Headliner Rashad Evans ‘Would Love To Fight’ Dan Henderson

Former UFC light heavy champion Rashad Evans voiced his eagerness to fight newly minted free agent Dan Henderson Tuesday morning.

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Caught in the fuzzy afterglow of the self-proclaimed ‘biggest win of his career', Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson finds himself without a plan or a contract. But that suits him just fine, because as the 40-year-old is well aware, the world is now his oyster, and virtually anything could be on the table -- even a return to the UFC.

"I think [a unification fight] could be interesting going forward," Henderson said to The Telegraph Monday afternoon. "I'm the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, I've beaten Fedor, and I'm unemployed, so we'll have to see what the talks are now after I've had a few weeks off. It's not a bad position to be in though."

The plot thickened Tuesday morning, when the man tabbed as the number one contender for the UFC title fully endorsed the idea of a unification bout. Rashad Evans, provided he gets past Tito Ortiz, has already been promised a shot at the light heavyweight title. Should he emerge victorious, Evans made it clear that a fight with Henderson would be right up his alley.

"I'm a big Hendo fan. I picked him [against Fedor] even though I didn't think he was really going to win, but it was a pleasant surprise," he wrote in an ESPN chat on Tuesday (via MMA Mania). "I would love to fight him. He's getting better and better -- not so much learning new techniques, but having a stronger competitive mentality."

While the bout remains purely speculative at this stage in the game, MMA is one of the rare sports that caters to the whims of the fans. Should future events play out in a manner that Evans hopes for, and the community rallies its collective voice around a title unification, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that this fight could actually come to fruition.