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AUDIO: UFC On Versus 5 Media Call With Chris Lytle, Dan Hardy, Jim Miller And Ben Henderson

Below is the audio for today's UFC on Versus 5 media call. The participants were headliners and UFC welterweights Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle. Also on the call were UFC lightweights and co-main event participants Ben Henderson and Jim Miller. The call only lasted about 30 minutes, which is short relative to big UFC pay-per-view media calls. It's to be expected given the lack of relative star power, but it's also worth noting.

The major takeaways are that Dan Hardy has almost entirely moved his camp to Las Vegas, Nevada. He's been training with Roy Nelson along with making trips to gyms around the area. He states that it's easier to not only get a higher quality sparring partner and training, but to get better rest because he doesn't have to travel so far to get what he needs. Hardy admits he's feeling pressure for this fight and discusses what went wrong against Carlos Condit (arrogance) and Anthony Johnson (wrestling), but seems to focused enough for this bout. Hardy is the highlight of this call, in my view, anyway.

Lytle didn't offer much in the way of new details. His training regimen seems static, for better or worse. He talked briefly about his political aspirations, but there aren't many new details there worth sharing.

I won't say Miller and Henderson seemed unconcerned with a title shot, but are using their energies to focus on the task at hand. Henderson says Miller's previous dismissal of WEC lightweights is something he mentally notes, although he doesn't take it personally.

Other than that, the rest are just details.