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Sergei Kharitonov Fires Back, Calls Aleksander Emelianenko A 'Drug Addicted Alcoholic'

Aleksander Emelianenko's surprised many with the brash criticism he hurled towards his older brother's coaches following Saturday's Strikeforce event. In an interview with, Aleksander compared Fedor's trainers to "amoebas", stating that the entire staff was impeding the fighter's progress by being "frozen in time." While no response has been made from Fedor's camp thus far, fellow Russian Sergei Kharitonov took extreme exception to the remarks, calling the younger Emelianenko brother a "drug addicted alcoholic and criminal" who is only seeking attention.

"I know that for the present moment Alex doesn't have neither house nor home. He has spend everything on drink," Kharitonov said to Tuesday afternoon. "The only way to make some money for him is to give a scandalous interview and to attract some attention to his person."

"He is washed-up," he continued. "He talked trash about Fedor's trainers. He supposes Fedor will praise him and will take his side. Fedor is not a fool and there is a possibility he will break the relations with Alex. He will probably communicate with him occasionally -- Alex is his brother, his blood after all -- otherwise Fedor would send him to hell."

Kharitonov clearly won't mince words when it comes to his disdain for the younger Emelianenko brother. Still, it should be noted that the two Russians met in the ring in 2006 at PRIDE Final Conflcit Absolute, with Aleksander leaving the victor after a first round TKO. Even now the memory does not sit well with Kharitonov, so it's possible that the bitterness could be manifesting itself five years later.

"Our managers offered him this fight twice but he refused. And when I injured my shoulder he gave his agreement immediately," Kharitonov explained. "I was not afraid and entered the ring in 1.5 month after taking off a plaster cast. I was not strong enough at that time."

"And now, when the whole world knows about his health problems, he tries to wage [war on] everyone," he finished. "I don't have any wish to communicate with the man of such low level. I don't even want to see him."

The feeling is most likely mutual.