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UFC On Versus 5 Media Call: Hardy Moves To Vegas, Lytle Contemplates Politics, Henderson And Miller Unconcerned With Title Shots

Below is a partial transcript from today's media call to promote UFC on Versus 5. On today's call were Dan Hardy, Chris Lytle, Ben Henderson and Jim Miller. We'll have more on this later, but the general theme of today's call was that the move for Hardy to Vegas has been rewarding, Lytle is serious about a run for state Senate in Indiana and he certainly isn't going to open his own gym with his schedule, Henderson sees Miller as an opponent with a similar style and isn't particularly amused with Miller's comments about WEC lightweights and Miller isn't really thinking about a title shot; he just wants to win.

We'll post the audio when it's ready. Partial transcript below:

Dan Hardy

- "It's been really, good, to be training camp so far (living in Las Vegas). It's been great. I've been working every day with Roy Nelson...we've been traveling around to a few different gyms...been sparring with Evan Dunham, Gilbert Yvel...there's a lot of talent in Vegas...I feel ready. I feel this is the turning point in my career and I'm in the right place to do it."

- "That's a continuous process and something I need to work on the rest of my career...I'm seeing improvements in my fight...regardless of where the goes I'm ready for it."

- "Every one (the losses) was given away...GSP fight was a learning experience for me...the Condit fight, my arrogance got the better of me...the Anthony Johnson one, he's a big strong wrestler...coming out to Vegas it's made it a lot easier...a lot more time to rest, refuel and rehydrate...sometimes you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone."

- "It's unusual for me, I've never been here before (three losses in a row)...the outcome is sometimes out of your hands...the level we fight at is so high...there's definitely pressure, I kinda have to go with the flow...if I think about it too much, it'll get me down and stop me from performing at my best...the three losses are more a motivational tool than anything else."

- "I just don't like boring fights...I want to have fun fights...for me, Chris Lytle is a guy I can look up to and say 'I want to fight like this guy'."

- "I'm changing the color slightly (of my hair and shorts), just to give myself a free feel. I still will be looking awesome."


Chris Lytle

- "I'm expecting a great fight, but let's say something like that {complete domination of Hardy) did happen, no,not really...I care about the area I live in...I'm going to take the fight and re-evaluate what I do."

- "But just me talking about I've formed an exploratory committee, I definitely take it was thought out and I'm serious about it."


Jim Miller

- "In my opinion, you gotta look at every fight as the most important of your career. I have 20 wins, but if 1 was a loss I wouldn't be in this position right's a tough fight and that's where my eyes are locked."

- "I want the challenge. I want the tough road. I want to fight the tough guys...if I can pull out a win on the 14th, there going to through me in against someone else, so be it..."

- "No, they're a tough group of guys...(the WEC lightweights)...they've won just as many as they've lost...biggest win they've had is Ben's win over Mark, but this is a tough division. We'll see how the rest of it goes."

- Jim notes a win over Ben Henderson would not guarantee him a title shot.

Ben Henderson

- "Loss any of your fights and you gotta start over...I view all my fights that way."

- "I don't take it personally, but I remember the quote (jim's comments saying WEC would get bounced) could definitely say I remember that."

- "I'm definitely expecting the toughest fight of my career."

- "Miller's definitely going to bring a unique style in terms of be honest, our styles are pretty similar...we're both former collegiate wrestlers who got into MMA afterwards"