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Aleksander Emelianenko Blames Fedor's Loss On Coaches, Says They Are 'Frozen In Time'

Alexander Emelianenko
Alexander Emelianenko

Much has been said regarding the latest loss of MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko. Since his first-round defeat at the hands of Dan Henderson, criticism has engulfed the Russian, while whispers of retirement flood the community. However, the latest condemnation comes from an unlikely source -- Fedor's brother, Aleksander Emelianenko -- who vehemently chastised the coaching staff for their role in the loss.

"They sat like two amoebas, and did not know what to say." Aleksander said to following the fight. "They were asked direct questions and would say, ‘It is difficult to say... we will see in the fight.' What kind of a coach says that? Only one who doesn't understand the sport. I just call them ‘Stopwatch' and ‘Towel'. That's as much use as they are, that's it."

"[MMA] is constantly improving, but ‘Stopwatch' and ‘Towel' have not changed anything in the program," he continued. "Just frozen in time and not been able to develop the base that Fedor already has. Fedor could train himself, he must take on it personally, to rethink many of the training points to learn and develop. Suffer and work."

While these are strong words, the source must be considered. The younger Emelianenko brother has resorted to hyperbole in the past in order to prove a point.

Still, the idea that the one of the greatest fighters in MMA history is suffering from a stagnant training camp is a possibility to consider. While the truth of the matter may elude us, Aleksander made it clear that he would commit his time to facilitating the change if his brother would allow it.

"We'll talk with Fedor, whether he wants to change something in his preparation," he said. "If he wants to, I will make the effort."