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UFC's Lorenzo Fertitta And Fox's Eric Shanks On Taking MMA Mainstream

Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and Fox executive Eric Shanks after the UFC-Fox press conference yesterday in L.A.

No one was motorboated but both executives shared their ambitious plans for bringing the UFC to the widest possible audience via Fox Sports, FX and the Fuel Channel. 

Fertitta and Shanks joined to announce a new seven year partnership between the UFC and Fox for a reputed $100 million a year. This is a considerable increase from the reported $35 million a year Spike TV had been paying to air the fighting promotion's content. 

Fox will air four events per year live on Fox broadcast networks and an additional several events per year live on the FX cable networks including live fights every Friday night on The Ultimate Fighter.  Something will be needed to revitalize the fading reality series which has seen its ratings flatline for several seasons with the exception of season 10 which featured YouTube star Kimbo Slice