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19-Year-Old Student Dies After Street Fight With Bellator Featherweight Rasul Mirzaev

Recent Bellator signing, undefeated lightweight prospect Rasul Mirzaev, is currently under investigation by Moscow police for his role in the death of nineteen-year old student Ivan Agafonov.

According to eyewitness reports, the incident originated on the night of August 13th outside of Garage Club -- a popular Moscow nightclub -- where Agafonov allegedly began a conversation with Mirzaev's girlfriend. "The Black Tiger" took exception to the perceived slight, and struck the Agafonov with one blow that knocked him to the ground. The student landed unconscious several meters away, slamming his head on the pavement in the process.

Agafonov eventually regained consciousness and asked several friends to drive him home, however he soon passed out once again and was taken to a local hospital. Doctors struggled to save the boy's life for four days until he tragically passed away on Thursday.

Moscow police have started an investigation and are in the process of questioning witnesses. In the meantime, Mirzaev has been placed under arrest and will likely be charged with "intentional infliction of serious bodily injury that resulted in the victim's death." Should he be found guilty, the charge carries a minimum fifteen year prison sentence.

Mirzaev has reportedly admitted to the attack, but had no intention of such a tragic result. The 25-year-old's promoter, Kamil Gadzhiev, released this statement to Interfax News Agency (via Russia Today).

"This is a tragic concurrence of events. Rasul Mirzaev hasn't been officially summoned to the police yet, but if this happens - then he'll go because this case has to be sorted out. The incident has nothing to do with hate crimes. It was just an everyday situation which turned into tragedy. Rasul is very sorry about what happened."