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Brock Lesnar Unavailable For ‘UFC On Fox' Debut, Eyeing Early 2012 Return

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has begun to make his rounds after recovering from a second severe battle with the large intestine disease, diverticulitis. After making his first post-surgery appearance in a video released earlier this week, many have speculated that the divisive behemoth could be gearing up to make a return at the UFC's inaugural promotion on Fox.

The idea makes sense. Lesnar is undoubtedly the company's biggest draw, and his mere presence would ensure the new network partners' November 12th show opens with a bang.

Unfortunately, according to UFC President Dana White, an early return is simply wishful-thinking. (Via

"Brock's going to get back in the gym in September and start training again -- because he hasn't done anything since his surgery, training-wise -- so Brock will probably be back the first of the year [2012]."

While the news isn't really that surprising, it is somewhat disappointing. With most of the organization's big stars either unavailable or tied to other events, one has to wonder what magic White and UFC matchmaker Joe Silvia will be able to muster for the biggest stage in company history.